CRAFT (2022  Lean-To Pictures. Documentary Feature. Director: Bill Keller. Cinematographer.

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PMI - INSIDE CULTS: SEASON 2 (2019)  •  Discovery ID/Lucky 8. Director: Charlie Mysak. Director of Photography.

SCIENTIFICTION (2020)  •  Documentary Feature. Director: Eric Brammer. Cinematographer.

AMERICA’S MOST TERRIFYING PLACES 2 (2018)  •  Travel Channel/Sharp Entertainment. Executive Producer: Alan Madison. Director of Photography.

THE CHAINSMOKERS: MEMORIES (2018)  •  Documentary Feature. Den of Thieves. Director: Jason Sands. Director of Photography.

THE APOLOGIZERS (2018)   •    Short.  Producer: Kosuke Furukawa. Director: Yasu Suzuki.   Cinematographer.

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UNTITLED FEATURE DOCUMENTARY PROJECT (2017)  •  Director: Frank Pavich. Cinematographer.

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HELP! I NEED LOVE (2017)  •  ABC/Lincoln Square. Executive Producer: Michael Driscoll.   Camera Operator/Director of Photography.

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LIKE A BOSS (2016)  •  Oxygen/Evolution Media. Starring Nick Cannon. Executive Producer: Jason Sands.   Director of Photography.

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DO NOT DISTURB (2015) •   Discovery ID/Matador. Executive Producer: Joel Schumacher. Director: Mark Marabella.   Camera Operator.

JODOROWSKY'S DUNE (2014)  •  Sony Classics. Documentary Feature. Director: Frank Pavich. Executive Producer: Donald Rosenfeld. Official Selection 2013 Cannes Film Festival Director's Fortnight. Official Selection 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. 2015 Academy Awards Shortlist Selection for Best Documentary.   Cinematographer.

DEL'S FELLAS (2014)   •   Pilot. Esquire Network/Discovery Studios. Executive Producers: Lauren Weber, Daniel Soiseth.  Director of Photography.

CITY GIRL DIARIES (2014) •  Style Network/Discovery Studios. Executive Producers: Jason Sands, Daniel Soiseth. Director of Photography.

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AMISH HAUNTING (2014) •   Destination America/Hot Snakes Media. Executive Producer: Mark Marabella.  Camera Operator.

CARS AND STRIPES (2014)   •   The History Channel/Cineflix. Producers: Rob Dorfmann, Mark Poertner.   Camera Operator.

I KILLED MY BFF (2014)   •  Lifetime/Jarrett Creative Group. Producer: Andrea De Brito.  Camera Operator

1-800-BAND  'DIVER BLUE'   (2014)  •  Music Video. Producer: Stacie Nice.  Director/Cinematographer.

HANS CHEW   'JUNKER'S BLUES'   (2014)  •  Music Video. Producer: Endless Picnic.  Director/Cinematographer.

SEDUCED AND ABANDONED (2013)   •  Documentary Feature. Directors: Alec Baldwin, James Toback. Camera Operator.

ELDER SKELTER (2013)  •   Investigation Discovery/Hot Snakes Media. Executive Producer: Mark Marabella. Director of Photography.

THIS IS ESPORTS (2013)   •  BRolly Pictures/Red Bull. Executive Producer: Rob Bruce. Camera Operator.

MOST LIKELY TO... (2013) •  Inverstigation Discovery/Picture Shack Entertainment. Director: Greg Palmer. DP: Ben Wolf. Camera Operator

MARY KAY COSMETICS: MARY KAY AT PLAY CAMPAIGN (2013)  •  Proof Films/Trollbäck + Company. Director: Ondrea Barbe. Director of Photography.

SCIENCE FICTION LAND (2013) •  Documentary Feature. Flatbush Films. Director: Judd Ehrlich. Camera Operator.

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MAGIC CAMP (2013)  •  Documentary Feature. Director: Judd Ehrlich. Flatbush Films. Additional Cinematography.

BIG STAR: NOTHING CAN HURT ME (2012)  •  Magnolia Pictures. Documentary Feature. Directors: Drew DiNicola, Olivia Mori. Co-Cinematographer.

DOGS IN THE CITY (2012) •  CBS/Shed Media. Producer: Jay Bienstock. Director: Mike McNamara. Camera Operator.

PEACE AFTER MARRIAGE (2013) •  Narrative Feature. Directors: Bandar Albuliwi, Ghazi Albuliwi. Producer: Faruk Ozerten. Director of Photography, 2nd Unit.

OVERLAND HALL (2012) •  Comedy Pilot. Director/Producer: Nancy Hower, John Lehr.  Director of Photography.

REEL LIFE: TO DIE FOR (2012) •  Discovery/ITV. Director: Ted Bourne. Director of Photography.

1-800-BAND  ' 'WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT'   '(2012)  •  Music Video.  Director/Cinematographer.

MTV'S REAL LIFE 2012) •  MTV/Gigantic Productions. Producer: Orla Manning.  Camera Operator.

SVU (2012) •  ITV Productions. Sizzle. Producer/Director: Ted Bourne.  Director of Photography

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I MARRIED A MOBSTER (2011)   •   Kaufman Films/Discovery Channel. Director: Kevin Kaufman. Producer: Ryan Igrasin.  Director of Photography.

GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO LIKE BOYS (2011)   •   Sundance Channe/World of Wonder. Director/Producer: Jeremy Simmons. Camera Operator.

ABANDONED (2011)  •   Picture Shack Entertainment. History Channel Pilot. Director: Greg Palmer. Producer: George Plamondon.  Camera Operator.

MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK (2011) •  B Productions. Producer: Rebecca Reeder. Camera Operator.

BROKERS (2011) •  Pilot. Atlas Media. Producer: Sarah Eisenstein. Camera Operator.

TARGET.COM: Designer Beauty Campaign (2010) •   Knock/Bees & Honey Productions. Producer: Nathan Foulger. Director: Ondrea Barbe. Camera Operator.

THE CV FILES (2010) •   The Sundance Channel. Director: Jim McMahon. Director of Photography.

AUFGANG   'DULCERIA'   (2011)   • Music Video. InFiné/Discograph. Director: Delphine Dhilly. Cinematographer.

MARIE CLAIRE.COM: MASTER CLASS MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK (2010)   •   Hearst Digital Media. Producers Chioke Nasser, Ryan Ingrasin. Director of Photography.

GHOST LAB (2011)   •  The Discovery Channel/Luckey One Productions/. Director: Benjamin Wolf, DP Rob Jakubik.   Camera Operator.

MY FIRST CONCERT: IRON MAIDEN (2011) •  Pipe Dream Productions. Brian Meere, Jennifer Wagman, Producers. VH1 Pilot. Director of Photography.

SCRAPPERS (2010) •  Spike TV/Hoosick Falls Productions. Camera Operator.

THE T.O. SHOW (2010) •  VH1/Dissident Productions. Director: DP Lutz Goephardt. Camera Operator.

PARANORMAL STATE: SEASON 3 (2009)  •  A&E Networks. DP Rick Sarmiento, Mark Petersen, Alan Pierce. Camera Operator.

PARANORMAL STATE: SEASON 2 (2008) •  A&E Networks. DP Brian Antonson. First Assistant Camera/Camera Operator.

HUMAN GIANT: SEASON 2 (2008)   •   MTV/Remote Productions Directors: Jason Woliner, Tom Gianas. DP Ron Egozi, Mauricio Rubenstein. Assistant Camera, Camera Operator.

DELOCATED: SEASON 1 (2008)   •   Adult Swim/PFFR. Dir. Jeff Buchanan, DP Jonathan Furmanski. First Assistant Camera.

THE LAST FILM FESTIVAL (2008)  •  Narrative Feature. Dir. Linda Yellen, DP Mauricio Rubenstein. Starring Dennis Hopper, Jacqueline Bisset, Chris Kattan, Lee Lee Sobieski. Camera Operator.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (2008) •   Documentary Feature. Flatbush Films. Dir. Judd Ehrlich. Feature Documentary. Official Selection, 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. Camera Operator.